Classify, Everything

Life, the universe, everythang.

Christian Code

So a lawyer walks into a church...

Commentary, Church

Going to the chapel and we're—

Commentary, Wisdom

Oh yousa wise guy ey?

Commentary, Histories

You'll good down in history.

Commentary, Law

You're breaking the lawww, son.

Life, Jesus, Harmony

Our Gospel powers combined—

Life, Jesus, Narrative

What Jesus did. Period.

Commentary, Prophets

What the prophecy!?

Commentary, Gospels

I've good news, and I've got goood news.

World English Bible

Quote as much scripture as I want!

Hmong Talk

Darling! Your Hmong is simply marvelous!

Taiwanese Talk

And a side of Taipei please.

Persian Talk

Is that Persian in your pocket?

Swahili Talk

Superbly Swahili.

Cebuano Talk

Today Bisaya. Tomorrow... Bisaya.

Malay Talk

That's waaay Malay dude.

Hamlet, A Play

To app or not to app...

Bible Tutor

Bible on the inside.

Ilocano Talk

The ABC's of Ilocano.

Big Words, English

Wow, I love your vocabulary!

Greek Talk

It's all Greek and games until...

Hebrew Talk

Hebrew. Touchscreen. Brain.

Latin Talk

Just a li'l bit o' Latin.

Interlingua Talk

Interlingua, one device at a time.

Esperanto Talk

An especially Esperanto experience.

Big Robot, Kanji 1-2

Stop those robots!

Kanji Talk

Oh yes you kanji.

Hiragana Talk

See hiragana, hear hiragana.

Katakana Talk

Katakana cool.

Golf Gadget

Know your inner golfer.

Instant Bible, Color

The Bible goes vibrant.

Instant Bible

Supersonic scripture!

Wine Pair

Instant wine advice in a stylish package.

Chord Cafe, Piano

Compose piano songs in a jiffy.

Chord Cafe, Guitar

Groovy chord sequences for your guitar.

Chord Cafe

Get chord progressions super duper fast.

Polish Talk

Keep Polish perplexity at bay.

Cantonese Talk

Can't Cantonese?

Arabic Talk

Take baby steps in Arabic.

Portuguese Talk

Portuguese a few nibbles a day.

Russian Talk

Does Russian puzzle you?

Korean Talk

Learn Korean words the touchy-feely way.

Vietnamese Talk

Appfuls of Vietnamese vernacular.

German Talk

Learn German on your iThingie.

French Talk

French language learning on your mobile device.

Hindi Talk

This app wants to teach you something Hindi.

Chinese Talk

Learn Chinese on the go.

Italian Talk

App-etizing for Italian learners.

Japanese Talk

Too busy to learn Japanese? Think again.

Spanish Talk

Simple Spanish for app lovers.

Kapampangan Talk

The only Kapampangan app on iTunes.

Filipino Talk