Swahili Talk

Superbly Swahili.

Swahili Talk uses granular gaming to keep language learning quick and effective. Solve a few word puzzles a day and nourish your vocabulary.

Design. Simple, lightly-animated interface. Combines flash card, matching answer, and word search formats into a dynamic, star-collecting odyssey. Gameplay inspired by ideas in education, psychology, and linguistics.

How to Play. Find and match vocabulary words with their definitions. Stars awarded for speed and accuracy. Get all the stars to beat the game once. Then play expired stages each day to keep vocabulary fresh in memory. Red stages unlock new stages. Two stars unlock stages in normal mode. Three stars unlock stages in all-star mode. Collect all normal stars to unlock all-star mode.

Features. 200+ basic word list ordered by practicality, frequency, and 80/20 rule. 40+ stages sized for short-term chunking and easy trial-and-error discovery. Minimal time commitment. Seconds per stage. Stage locking based on Leitner system. Star Expiration imitates long-term forgetting curves. All-star stages implement spaced repetition.

Available on iTunes.