World English Bible

Quote as much scripture as I want!

The World English Bible is a modern, high-quality, public domain translation of the Holy Bible. It is based on the American Standard Version 1901 Bible, Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia Old Testament, and Byzantine Majority Text New Testament. It is intended to be an accessible, understandable, easy-to-copy-and-share translation of the scriptures for English-speakers around the world. For readers familiar with the Amplified, NLT, and NIV translations, the World English Bible attempts to balance all of the strengths in each and carry none of the weaknesses. The text itself is in the public domain and can be quoted and distributed without limitation.

The project was conceived by Michael Paul Johnson in 1994 and was first published in 1997 by Rainbow Missions, Inc. Using the Internet, Michael and his team of volunteers continue to refine the text. This volume is a printing of the online Old and New Testaments texts as of February 23, 2014. For additional features and details, including the latest version of the World English Bible, please visit

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