Life, Jesus, Narrative

What Jesus did. Period.

This is the complete story of Jesus taken directly out of the four gospels. It takes all the features of the classic Jesus narratives and combines them so readers may enjoy the convenience of casual reading and contextual study of Jesus' life.

  1. All events in Jesus' life like Tatian's Diatessaron (160)
  2. Organizes similar verses like Jefferson's Life and Morals (1820)
  3. Removes duplicate text like McGarvey's Four-Fold (1914)
  4. Enumerates all passages using Aland's Synopsis (1985)
  5. Chronological like Watchtower's Greatest Man (1991)
  6. Indexes every verse like Cheney's Greatest Life (1994)
  7. Harmonizes word-by-word like Crossland's Merged (2007)
  8. Attractively formatted like MacArthur's Perfect Life (2013)
  9. Modern English using Johnson's World English Bible (2014)

Parts one through six form a clean, continuous narrative free from in-line scripture references. Part seven contains a scripture index so the reader may lookup any verse.

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