Christian Code

So a lawyer walks into a church...

Christian Code is an attempt to consolidate and codify by subject matter all the laws of the Bible—all the teachings of Jesus, all the commandments of Moses, all the fruit, virtues, and gifts of the Holy Spirit, all the saintly disciplines and sacraments, the many popular catechisms (Jewish, Catholic, Reformed, etc.), significant works of religious literature (Augustine, Maimonides, Aquinas, Luther, etc.), and most importantly, the scripture itself—into a single volume.

The intent is to help the reader better understand the law—where it comes from, why it is there, what it means, and how to obey it—and facilitate this in a practical way by arranging the laws as one would an officially regulated legal document (e.g. the United States Code) with identification numbers for each law, multiple levels and categories of law, table listings, internal and external references, and scholarly notes. The resulting 539 page codex contains 12 titles, 52 chapters, 613 sections, 4169 verses, and 918 footnotes. A scripture index is included in the back.

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